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Tummy Time Play Mat Inflatable Baby Water Mat Crocodile Type Infant Baby Mat Fun Activity Play Toddlers Toys for 3-12 Months

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    Are you looking for a fun, high quality and safe water mat that will allow your child to participate in the most critical development years? Play in the water without getting wet! Let the baby enjoy a refreshing summer, and liberate your arm from now on!


    Inflatable Large Size Crocodile Shape Tummy Time Water Play Mat

    For 3-12months babies

    Bright colors babies love

    Made of BPA-free and non-toxic heavy DUTY PVC materials with no harsh or hazardous ingredients

    Size 48″ x 31″, 122 x 80cm


    Instructions:Newly produced PVC products with a slight pungent odor are normal. Please wipe them with a damp towel and put them in a cool and ventilated place before use for the first time. After a few hours, the taste will disappear and use. Thank you for your understanding!

    1.Fill the outer ring with air, do not overdo it, 80%-90% air is okay. (Do Not charge high pressure gas or pump with high pressure gas cylinder)

    2.Inject the inner ring into 3/4 of cold water. (Do not inject hot water to avoid scalding the child!)

    3.When the inflation is completed, press the nozzle firmly until the entire product remains flat. Change the water every 1-2 weeks.


    1.Do Not touch sharp objects and close to fire during inflation and use.

    2.Do Not jump on the water pad.

    3.Do Not use it as a floating instrument on the water.

    4.Do not be stained with sunscreen or alkaline drugs.

    5.Do not expose to sunlight for a long time, the ultraviolet rays will slowly damage the surface material.

    Package Includes:

    Baby Water Mat (L/48in, W/31in)

    Packing box (L/9.12in, W/6.88in, H/1.57in)BOBO-主图11BOBO-主图02BOBO-主图03BOBO-主图04BOBO-主图08BOBO-主图070508BOBO-主图12

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