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Oral Gavage Feeding Tubes for Mice & Rats Rodents Birds Reptile , Oral Feeding Cannula For Rat , Mice and Birds

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    1 piece Bird Crop Feeding Needle/Mouse Rat Mice Oral Training Gavage Needle.
    The needle is sized by the outer diameter (metric mm) of the needle shaft , it has a stainless steel ball tip, can endure the biting force of big Rat.
    • Smooth Stainless Steel Round Oval Tip 
    • Streamlined Stainless Steel CannulaBrass Hub with nickel plated 
    • Sized by the Outer Diameter of the Cannula
    • Strong & firm, reuseable
    • Not sterilized, when you use it, you have to sterilize it under boiling water.


     Code # OD Overall Length Shape Recommendation for Bird Crop Feeding
    8 0.8MM 45MM Curved/Straight Waxbills and other small birds
    12 1.2MM 55MM Curved/Straight Waxbills and other small birds
    16 1.6MM 80MM Curved/Straight Finches/Canaries
    18 1.8MM 85MM Curved/Straight Cockatiels, Parrots, Budgerigars and small parakeets, plus small raptors
    20 2.0MM 90MM Curved/Straight Cockatiels, Parrots, Budgerigars and small parakeets, plus small raptors
     Code # OD Overall Length Shape  Rat Recommendation
    8 0.8MM 45MM Curved/Straight infant, weight 30grams
    12 1.2MM 55MM Curved/Straight teenager,weight 50~100grams
    16 1.6MM 80MM Curved/Straight Adult,weight 100~200grams
    18 1.8MM 85MM Curved/Straight Adult,weight 200~350grams
    20 2.0MM 90MM Curved/Straight Adult, weight >350grams
    OD Overall Length  Code # marked on hub Shape  Recommendation of Bird Crop Feeding  Recommendation of Mice, Mouse, Rat


    Gauge number

    0.8MM 45MM 8 Curved/Straight   0.8mm for infant, weight 30grams 21 gauge
    1.2MM 40MM 12 Curved/Straight Waxbills and other small birds 1.2mm for teenager,weight 50~100grams 18 gauge
    1.2MM 55MM 12 Curved/Straight 18 gauge
    1.2MM 65MM 12 Curved/Straight 18 gauge
    1.6MM 80MM 16 Curved/Straight Finches/Canaries 1.6mm for Adult,weight 100~200grams 16 gauge
    1.6MM 100MM 16 Curved/Straight 16 gauge
    1.8MM 80MM 18 Curved/Straight Cockatiels, Parrots, Budgerigars and small parakeets, plus small raptors 1.8mmfor Adult,weight 200~350grams 15 gauge
    2.0MM 90MM 20 Curved/Straight 2.0mm for Adult, weight >350grams 14 gauge

    NOTE: being marked on the needle hub is the Code #





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