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Mindlink RC Spider Robot Headband kit Brainlink Toys EEG Training Novelty High Tech Toys Focus app game gift for children adults

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    Product feature:
    1.The Brainlink toys suitable  for children and adult
    2.The product includes mindlink and spider robot
    3. MindLink: battery:180mAH(can use about 4 hours),weight:187g
        Spider robot: battery:180mAH(can use about  2.5 hours ),weight:278g


    MindLink Smart Headset Brainwave Sensor Head Band is an affordable and portable Brain-Computer Interface Headset that builds a wireless connection between the human brain and devices such as smart phones and tablets. Unlike any mainstream medical brainwave sensing devices that require several wet electrodes, MindLink only requires a single point of contact using a dry, metal sensor on the user’s forehead and it can accurately detect brainwave function.



    Color: black

    Weight: 45g/1.59oz 

    Support System: Andriod /ios

    APP: Neurosky/ Brainlink/ Brainlink tutorial 

    Connection Method: Bluetooth 

    Connection Battery Type: Lithium battery 160mAH 

    Duration of Use: about 120 min (depends on actual usage condition)


    – Brainlink detects your brainwaves and collects data about your mental condition. 

    – Compatible Apps available for brain training. There are Mind Games, Meditation Training App, Focus Training App, etc. for kids or adults. 

    – Easy to use. Connect Mindlink to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and visualize your brainwave activity in real -time on the App. You 

    – Mindlink can also be used in the training of athletes and ADHD treatments. 

    For this kit, except for palying games with your phone. We also send you along with a spider robot, which can be connected with mindlink. 

    Ps:The spider robot is unassembled. You have to install by your self. we will provide you installation manual. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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