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Crystal Aire LED IONIZIER Air Purifier with Concentrates


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  • Description

    This special gift set or bundle consists of one air purifier and 3 x 30ml assorted concentrates.

    The Air Purifier:

    The AP001LEDION from Crystal Aire is an effective 500ml bowl-capacity Air Purifier with LED Lights and built-in the ionizer.
    It features an ioniser that converts positive ions into negative ions to promote wellness by removing impurities from the air using just water.
    The addition of concentrates to the water further improves the quality of the air with their anti-bacterial properties and fresh fragrances.
    All the Crystal Aire purifiers and concentrates effectively reduce mould growth, neutralise bad odours and eliminate pollen spores.

    The concentrates:
    The pack consists of 3 x 30ml assorted concentrates (Vanilla, Eucalyptus and Ocean Mist).
    All are water-soluble and natural. Non-toxic, alcohol-free and concentrated.
    The assortments allow the customer to sample three of the top-selling fragrances from Crystal Aire in a convenient bundle pack.

    What’s in the box
    1 x Air purifier
    1 x 3x30ml concentrate pack

    For more information contact us at 0766888314/ support@acquiredstore.com

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