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Anti Snoring Devices 4 Snoring Stopper Nasal Dilators-1 Anti Snoring nose clip Mouthpiece Sleep Mouth Guard Snore Stopper Set

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    1.Mouth Guard Material: Made of high quality food grade silicone,FDA approved and BPA free,
    odorless and non-toxic.Soft and does not hurt the mouth.
    2.Gum Shield for Grinding Teeth: Separate the upper and lower teeth to stop teeth clenching,
    reduce tooth wear and periodontal damage, relieve muscle fatigue and improve sleeping quality.
    3.Anti Snoring Devices: The anti snore mouth guard will help better nose breathing by increasing
    the pharyngeal cavity and airway clearance, effectively keep the airway open during sleep, such reducing
    or elimination snoring.

    Material: Silicone gel
    Color: Transparent
    Size: 6.5*4.5*2cm

    that it DO NOT adapt for children under 13 years old.

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